For busy and overwhelmed entrepreneurs, creators & influencers, who don't have years to waste "figuring out" YouTube.
Master your Jump to YouTube today!


  •  Being invited to an all-inclusive trip to an exotic destination or staying at the hotel of your dreams, because of your YouTube channel
  • Building a bullet-proof  YouTube business around your passion! 
  • Mastermind a unique brand that spotlights your zone of brilliance and builds authority in your niche.
  • Attracting opportunity and clients to your offers without paying for ads.
  • Making money as you sleep and before you even start filming them.

    Your wish is granted. 


I’m Christine Ka'aloa, YouTube creator of GRRRLTRAVELER!

I'm a video and televisions camera operator, a travel vlogger, content creator, influencer and Youtube mentor!

It took me years of frustration to master YouTube and being an influencer because I did it through trial and error.  The most expensive things that my method cost me was TIME, ENERGY and a LIFE!

I give you a personal roadmap and cheat sheet into YouTube, so you can spend more time doing what you love & profiting from it.

Ready to have a bullet-proof YouTube brand which earns passive income, grows your tribe and creates opportunity?

You deserve to be seen, heard and the time to start a YouTube channel is ...NOW!

Businesses are moving to YouTube to sell their products. Creator and coaching brands are on YouTube to grow their empire.

YouTube & vlogging is the new marketing force of our era with video being the most powerful media for converting sales.  And Google has joined hands with YouTube to bring YouTube videos to the internet, to consumer searches and to the world.

This means that no matter where you're sitting from your laptop - a cafe in Bali or your teenie, tiny apartment in New York-  you have the power to reach a global audience and grow a fanbase around your passion.

If you are looking to start a YouTube channel as a hobby, my YouTube courses are probably not for you, although you're still welcome.  

Video Jumpstart Academy is about sharpening and strategizing your vlogging business hustle, so you don't lose money and time to years of trial and error. I give you quick, action-taking strategies to  grow your business, churn out evergreen content to build your authority, attract your true fans, and accelerate your YouTube business income !  

Let’s Jumpstart together!

Turn Vlogging Passion into Profit

Work smarter, not harder! Your creativity and unique voice is monetizable and you are the product. Create a profitable YouTube business around YOU today.

Launch your YouTube Brand

Learn my Jumpstart framework where we skip never-ending tutorials but jump into the strategies you NEED to grow your YouTube business around your personal expertise and monetize it.

Sell Inspiration & Your Authority on YouTube

Sculpt a magnetic brand that sells inspiration the world needs to hear. Let your experience be your expertise guiding your community to a better, smarter, wiser tomorrow.

Know your IT factor

Stand out in your niche, attract your target audience and project confidence on-camera because you know your unique YouTube personality inside-out.

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