Monetizing YouTube: Building a Bullet-Proof Business

3 Conference Slides from YouTube Monetization sessions

Monetizing YouTube: Building a Bullet-Proof YouTube Business

In a hustle culture which chases fast growth, massive subscribers, view counts and audience engagement as virtual currency, how do you build a sustainable travel YouTube business for the long-term.

But how can you build a travel content creator business on virtual currency?  

Video is a strong converter of sales but a weakness of busy solo travel content creators is not prioritizing a strong monetization mindset.  Many creators lack a solid money-making strategies. Relying instead, upon view counts, in-exchange collaborations and one-off brand campaigns, they fail  to harness the unique power and authority that their brand is capable of transforming into a business.

These conference sessions share common mistakes you tubers make in monetization, while also offering solutions that goes overlooked, due to an "influencer mindset" stuck in archaic pie-in-the-sky ideas. Christine shares impactful tools to building a sustainable influencer YouTube business.

In this session, learn from a veteran solo travel influencer and entrepreneur how you can stop leaving money on the table and start building a bulletproof YouTube business.

You will learn:

•  The Power of YouTube (and why you want to be on it)
•  Understanding the importance of having a monetization strategy in your workflow
•  Common monetization influencer mistakes YouTubers make and ways to correct it.
•  The new "money mindset " model savvy creators are turning towards
•  Profitable solutions you are not harnessing.
•  Ways to monetize TODAY, even if you’re a small channel under 1,000 subscribers.

Three conference slides sessions.  
Some presentations have been partially recorded. 

• Women in Travel Summit 2023 (WITS Puerto Rico) slides :
   + 39 minute video (of 60 minute presentation)
• Creator Mela 2023 invited by the U.S. Embassy in Nepal slides only
• TravelCon 2022 Memphis presentation slides
  + 70 minute video (full presentation)

Note: Created for U.S. creators. With exception, the Creator Mela conference by invitation of U.S. Embassy in Nepal, was prepared specifically for creators living in Nepal, with country-specific monetization obstacles.

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Christine Ka’aloa loves video storytelling. She is a solo female travel vlogger, blogger and entrepreneur, who films video trip guides that inspire travelers with confidence towards food, culture and “surviving” solo travel. She is one of the first solo travel YouTube channels and blogs committed to docu-reality storytelling for the solo female experience. She has worked on campaigns with various tourism boards, hotels, tour operators and brands such as SanDisk, Mazda, AirbnbExperiences, Facebook, to name a few. Additionally, Christine is a YouTube coach with a 15+ year career as a freelance camera operator and field producer for clients such as MTV Networks, Nat Geo, CBS, and more.


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