Solo Travel Advice & Mentorship

Want help moving past your solo travel roadblocks from an expert who created content around the solo trip experience for over 12 years?

Want help moving past your travel roadblocks?

Need a coach to help you make the leap to solo travel?

-   How to hurdle the fear to find confidence to travel alone?
-   How to prepare for your first solo trip?
-  What is the best country for me to start my first solo trip?
-  How to plan interesting and unique solo trips based on your interests?
-  What tricks and hacks can you use to help you manage your trip alone?  

I've traveled solo for over 12 years as a traveler, vlogger, blogger creating content around the solo travel experience.   I have never forgotten what my first time traveling alone was like. Bring it!  

Want advice on living/teaching English or studying abroad?

- How to decide which country is best for you?
- What and how should you prepare for before you move?
- What expectations should you have for your new home?

 Living, working and teaching English in Korea was one of the BEST decisions I made in my life! I
t wasn't without its stumbling blocks and frustrations, but in the end, it grew my blog and was the best way for me to fund my travels and get paid to live abroad.  I also studied yoga and got my Yoga Teacher Training Certification in India, attended various workshops abroad,  and am a conference/university speaker due to my solo travel brand, GRRRLTRAVELER.


The service:

 ✅ consultation or coaching session on Zoom or Teleport.

We can work through your fears and concerns to create an actionable plan. Or you can ask me questions. For mindset roadblocks, I can mix my consulting with coaching.

Disclaimer: This is not a replacement for psychiatric or mental health services. Nor do I promise instant results. These are coaching sessions (i.e. similar to a workout coach) where we work together to move you to take action on your goals.

How it works:

 All sessions begin with a questionnaire you will be asked to fill out. This will give me information I need to customize my services to your specific situation and personal challenges and to create a strategy to help you maximize your channel’s effectiveness in meeting its goals.

Then we set up a time/date for our consulting session on Zoom. If I am traveling, we will find a time to work around it but during very heavy film trips, my date offerings may be limited.

For regular clients where we are working on a specific goal and timed execution (ie. an upcoming trip launch, etc...) I'll try my best to work a time into my schedule so we don't break your flow.

 ✔︎ Get personal assistance with your travel goals.

✔︎ Ask any questions you have or target a couple roadblocks in your confidence with travel

✔︎ Session can be recorded for your use. 

Note: I do not make trip itineraries or book travel for you. ...

Gift Certificates: 

 This service can be gifted to friends or family members. 


The issues we resolve during the session will be targeted insight, which changes your long-range result and reshapes your practices.


Tailored to your brand and channel goals, we help you create a strategy for success!


By improving your channel health, you will jumpstart your growth, SEO understanding and understand various ways you can strengthen your success for the future.

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Your YouTube Expert

Christine Kaaloa

I’m a video storyteller, a female solo travel content creator, an influencer and your Youtube instructor!

I know how lonely and frustrating it can be to grow a YouTube channel. It took me years to master YouTube through trial and error and the biggest things it cost me were TIME and a PERSONAL LIFE! Had I known what I know now, I would have accelerated and monetized much quicker. I'm here to give you a personal roadmap to YouTube, so you can spend more time doing what you love and profiting from it.

I was a TV producer and camerawoman with a career in New York, filming and producing popular reality shows with MTV, Food Network, Yahoo, BET, CBS. I was living a jet-set life and paid to travel... until the economy fell and I remade my life as a travel blogger and YouTuber from Hawaii.

I grew my authority as an award-winning blogger and was the first female solo travel YouTube channel to empower new solo travelers around the world to find confidence in solo trip planning.  I've work with tourism boards and brands like SanDisk, Airbnb Experiences, Mazda, Facebook, Ctrip. 

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