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When dealing with video and YouTube, it is necessary to have work flow systems in place!

Most new creators never realize that there are more components and steps to making a YouTube video and growing your channel. Much goes into the process and it is easy to lose sight of the priority of monetizing your business. 

Having an organized system in place is key to keeping track of your YouTube workflow, deadlines, file location, etc... so you stay on track with each process and you are not hunting down files all over the place.  

Video Tutorial

This tutorial video walks you through how to work with my workflow templates and WHY keeping everything in a free online office system like Google Drive is efficient for my work,  especially when you work with remote editor/assistants and/or travel for your creative work.

Video Editing Workflow template  
 Know how much time editing your videos are costing you. Have your editing and upload activities in one place, so you can track your work without losing time hunting down pieces. This is a workflow template I used with my editor to track our projects and its editing to publishing stages.

Video Ideas/SEO Keyword tracker  template
Keeps your SEO research and video ideas in one place as you figure out what you’d like to implement to get discovered.

Level: Beginning to Intermediate

Value: $250

Software Requirements: Excel or a free Gmail account to use Google Sheets

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Food YouTuber & Blogger

Highly Recommended. Easy to understand, informative. Full of Practical tips and Valuable for anyone who wants to get a better grasp of how to organize their YouTube work, process, research and files. I even learned more about Google Docs. Really enjoyed it. Thank you!

Christine Kaaloa

I’m a video storyteller, a female solo travel content creator, an influencer and your Youtube instructor!

I know how lonely and frustrating it can be to grow a YouTube channel. It took me years to master YouTube through trial and error and the biggest things it cost me were TIME and a PERSONAL LIFE! Had I known what I know now, I would have accelerated and monetized much quicker. I'm here to give you a personal roadmap to YouTube, so you can spend more time doing what you love and profiting from it.

I was a TV producer and camerawoman with a career in New York, filming and producing popular reality shows with MTV, Food Network, Yahoo, BET, CBS. I was living a jet-set life and paid to travel... until the economy fell and I remade my life as a travel blogger and YouTuber from Hawaii.

I grew my authority as an award-winning blogger and was the first female solo travel YouTube channel to empower new solo travelers around the world to find confidence in solo trip planning.  I've work with tourism boards and brands like SanDisk, Airbnb Experiences, Mazda, Facebook, Ctrip. 

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