How to Make Money with Patreon

⭐️Patreon Secrets ebook + Launch Kit : Do you know some YouTubers and bloggers earn a full income with fan funding?

Do you know some YouTubers and bloggers earn a full income with fan funding?  

Tired of staying STUCK on the creator treadmill earning pennies for your precious hours, days, weeks of creative work?

Fear that by asking for fan funding support, you'll be seen as begging audiences or asking for a handout?

Don't know  how to start on Patreon?

Over promising, yet under-pricing your Patreon rewards?


You CAN GROW AN INCOME and true fans with Patreon.

For centuries, artists have long had patrons to support the value they bring to others through  their creativity.

I breakdown how Patreon works best with strategic insider tips I learned from making the very mistakes you will make without this guidebook! This is a cheat sheet of ESSENTIAL Patreon information, personal experiences, tried and true tips and creative ideas that I've used to fund my travel videos and grow my creator income.

In this guidebook you will learn :  

•  How to not feel icky or salesy when asking for fan support

• Attract patrons even with a small following!

• Discover reward tiers to FUEL patron sign ups

• Unlock insider tips on what to DO and AVOID for Patreon success 

• Gain mindset tools to hurdle limiting beliefs about money & fan funding

• Uncover five hidden fees to BEWARE of!

• Tips for pricing your tiers 

• Make money, deepen your relationship with fans and avoid creative burnout.


This  handbook is a must if you want to profit from your passion and grow your community through Patreon!

It's time to meet your true fans today.

Secure your Patreon Monetization Secrets today!

Why I created Patreon Secrets

"Video and blogging are my creative tools of passion and I love sharing travel tips with my audiences...

  But relying solely on YouTube's Google Ad income and brand deals for my income was not enough. Much of that income relies on fluctuating traffic and volatile engagement.

Also, many creators who are working on the content creation treadmill 24 -7 are only eeking out pennies of passive income. In fact, many creators who have thousands of subscribers are cash poor, working for free doing trades and exchanges to get by.
This was me for a long time..
(and I'm in travel, which ain't cheap)!

Ironically, in a changing technological world, one thing which doesn't fluctuate much are your true fans and their dedication to helping you achieve your creator dreams.

Being on Patreon helped to boost my income and its earning consistency a lot, thanks to loyal patrons-- some of whom had been with me since the early stages of my YouTube channel. In fact, my Patreon income was always more stable than my fluctuating YouTube earnings.

My Patreon crew is also my biggest supporters and invisible assistance in some of my most crucial creative decisions. Their feedback and presence have helped make me a better creator.

Oh ho ho... I know what it’s like to:

 Be afraid to ask for help

To not know how to justify the value of what I do as a creator

To suffer in helpless silence not knowing how to make money doing what I love !

If you’re trying to figure out how YouTubers and content creators engineer Patreon, you WANT this ebook.

What is in this guidebook?


Mindset Tips to Move past Obstacles

 Secret Tips for Success with Patreon

What you NEED to know before setting up your Patreon campaign

Fees to BEWARE OF!

Tips and Types of Rewards to Use

Using Patreon Goals to Increase Support

Types of Rewards

Fast Action Worksheets to help you lay your actionable plan

Real life examples of my success, failures, and types of manipulative patrons to BEWARE OF.  

This is a $450 value



+ Step-by-step Launch Guide  
 From writing your welcome copy, setting up your campaign page , filming your on-camera script and more!

+ Template of Exact Call-To-Actions I've used which have gotten me fan support.

This is an extra
 $300 value!


"I thought my channel was too small to start a Patreon and it would only add to the workload but this book really helped me launch a realistic program that doesn't double my workload.    

Christine's examples and challenges from her experience really helped me put things into perspective that it was a program that could grow. It also inspired subscribers who weren't interested in the Patreon platform to support me directly on YouTube. And inspired me to look at other revenue streams. "

Ayngelina, Travel & Food Blogger & YouTuber.

This Bundle Valued at $750

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Christine Kaaloa

I’m a video storyteller, a female solo travel content creator, an influencer and your Youtube instructor!

I know how lonely and frustrating it can be to grow a YouTube channel. It took me years to master YouTube through trial and error and the biggest things it cost me were TIME and a PERSONAL LIFE! Had I known what I know now, I would have accelerated and monetized much quicker. I'm here to give you a personal roadmap to YouTube, so you can spend more time doing what you love and profiting from it.

I was a TV producer and camerawoman with a career in New York, filming and producing popular reality shows with MTV, Food Network, Yahoo, BET, CBS. I was living a jet-set life and paid to travel... until the economy fell and I remade my life as a travel blogger and YouTuber from Hawaii.

I grew my authority as an award-winning blogger and was the first female solo travel YouTube channel to empower new solo travelers around the world to find confidence in solo trip planning.  I've work with tourism boards and brands like SanDisk, Airbnb Experiences, Mazda, Facebook, Ctrip. 

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